Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Susie McCabe – Here Comes the Guillotine

Christopher MacArthur-Boyd, Frankie Boyle, and Susie McCabe share their subversive and darkly funny opinions on the chaos of the world, offering wholly unqualified dissent to popular opinion.

No topic is left off the table as three of Scotland’s award-winning and best-known comedians use their unique unbridled style of rebellious comedy to discuss any given topic – politicians, celebrities, the Royal family, figures from history and many more.

Here Comes the Guillotine delivers cutting and hideously funny commentary on the state of the world, economics, geopolitics, the lack of coherence in the universe… and cheery subjects like death, loss, and rejection! It’s just three best mates having a laugh in their own ‘very Glasgow’ way.

Listen below, or find on all platforms here.