Joanne McNally Investigates

Avril Lavigne was a punk pop sensation who topped the charts in the early noughties, and she still performs to sold-out crowds today. But what if the Avril we’ve been following all these years is not the same Avril we fell in love with? What if – as a curious theory claims – Avril was replaced by a look-alike at the height of her fame?

In Who Replaced Avril Lavigne Joanne McNally searches far and wide – from Avril’s hometown to the underbelly of the internet – to find out if the rumours are true. Along the way, she immerses herself in a mind-bending world of fake celebrity deaths, doppelgangers, conspiracy theories, and downright absurdity.

Who Replaced Avril Lavigne? Joanne McNally Investigates is produced by What’s The Story Sounds – for BBC Sounds and CBC.

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